Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Spiderweb System = A Web of Crap?

Free. Yes, the great mystery word on the internet. Rarely is anything free at all in the world of online money making, there are only a few exceptions. So naturally, I was cautious when I stumbled upon the . It was making amazing clams that all the other sites were charging big bucks for. You know, it was saying the same stuff as any other site: “Make 73,658 dollars in 3 months!”, “Never work again”, and of course “We are so crazy for giving this away for free that if you don’t sign up than you must be crazy and should not be allowed to ever use the internet again”. You know, same old same old.

Now, what REALLY made this stand out was not only the fact that it had a kick ass super hero look’n logo, but also that in order to sign up and get the instructional videos all you had to do was fill out an online form. It really was free. Amazing, simply amazing. But did it stop there?

Whoa, just like evil Spiderman

Well, yes. That’s about all that is free. Granted that it is a pretty good deal for information that may of otherwise cost you, but that’s no making money. All you get for free is an account and free step by step videos on how to set up your….sigh, Global Domains account and Google Adwords account. Yes, the spiderweb system is pretty much a guide on how to work with Adwords.

I got all the way through the instruction videos until it told me that it would be pretty much impossible to make money without signing up for the following services, and that my good people was when I was done. I mean, I can’t say that the spiderweb system is a complete and utter sack of crap because I did not try it fully, as in did not pay them. And from what I have read from looking around in forums is that some invested and did alright with it but many others put money into it and got zip. Who knows, maybe you have tried it and now your are a millionaire. (if so, then why are you reading this?)

What I feel I would get back from this site.

In the end, I know there are better ways to make money then getting caught in this web. Although you know, free videos about internet marketing, you could always just sign up free for those!

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