Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Free Ads worth a try? Dumb name?

Whoa! Snow attack! It’s been like a blizzard outside for about 24 hours now. This is not normal northwest weather. Feels like I am in like, Minnesota or some central northern state. Cold and dry, chapped lips for all. Than again, it is winter and all…

So I’ve been using this free advertising site I found. It’s called "EZ Ad Board Ads", man, now that I think about it, that is kind of a really stupid name…Ad board ads…was that really the best they could come up with? But stale and unimaginative name aside, I’ve found that their free service is decent. Sign up is easy and free (as always) and as soon as you sign up you can post 5 text ads per day. Now, it could just be the naive part of me, but this site seems to be a bit more honest about who actually clicks on your link. On average It looks likes you get about 4 clicks for every 500 views there. Not bad, and yes I believe that it’s telling the truth. But, you know, I won’t hold my breath. Also, the site is infested with more advertisements than a NASCAR jacket. you have to skip through like, three pages of freak'n ads just to get to your main profile, yessh. But then again, as we know that’s how the internet works…

The official Internet brand jacket

So, in conclusion, this site is, i don't know, maybe worth the time if you are looking to get some minimal traffic. Minimal as best. Also, keep in mind that this seems to still be a relatively smaller site with a lot of “fluff” to make it seem bigger. I don’t think its tumbleweed-rolling-across-the-screen small, but it still needs work. If you know any better sites, let me know!

Now, I’m off to my freezing refrigerator room…brrr

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