Saturday, February 7, 2009

The best free spam blocker I can think of

Good lord, it’s been a loooooong time since I posted anything in here. I can smell the dust...

So, I’ve tried a few more sites since I’ve last been here, and I’ll write about them in a bit, But for now I got to write about Now if you have been around the internet block a few times, you may have seen this place before. This site, it’s my best friend. God, it’s so useful I can’t take it! If you are signing up for lots of “deals” and “offers” that may look interesting. You know, like those the site that are like “We have 10 Million dollars waiting for you! Just give your email” and your all like “Nah, it can’t be true….” But then you sign up anyways and end up getting an internet airstrike of spam. Well, Instead You can put in a email and be spared the coincidences of internet curiosity! So, I could for instance put in and then I could look at all emails received at the trashymail site. BOOM! 100% risk free! Nope, it’s not fake email at all, it’s just public.

Highly recommended!