Sunday, December 7, 2008

Free online advertisment = What?

So, in my desperate attempts to scavenge the internet for every type of “free” advertising i can I came upon this place

This weird sketchy looking site is a place where you can post text ads for free. But see, it looks like the kind of place that advertising webbots would find and automatically crap their advertisements everywhere until eventually the whole site would be nothing but computers advertising to computers with no human being viewing the ads all. And although I’m sure there are lots of site out there like that, this one does not seem to be like this…seem.

I guess what makes me most skeptical about this is when I post my ads, within about a few hours it says “1,046 hits”. WHAT THE HELL? I mean, that sounds great and all but since when does a free advertising place get me that many clicks for free? Or you know, it could just be lying. But hey, I guess I could be paying for this and getting the same results…good thing I’m not.

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